Sponsor a Church / Pastor

During my time spent in the mountains I have been continually burdened by a problem that is common within the churches that try to function there. The leaders of the church have very little training if any, to lead the flock. Most churches operate without a Pastor and pray that one will visit them from Port au Prince or from elsewhere within the country.

Of all the so called mountain Pastors I have met I would say that 70% of them do not know the Lord. This is the reason we are building a Pastoral/Disciplship training centre in the heart of the mountains so that we can train and equip local leaders.

Most of the believers that attend the mountain churches do not have bibles, songbooks or any other basic needs required to run a church. The Lord has brought this need to my attention and I would like to do something about it.

Here’s the plan.  First I would like to send qualified Pastors up to these mountain churches to Shepherd the flock.  They will travel to a church each Sunday to preach, teach, and lead the Brothers and Sisters within the congregation. They will also train Sunday school workers for the children and teach the church leaders their responsibilities within the church.

We will also supply the church with benches and other physical necessities as they have need.  I have put together a group of men that want nothing more than to see GOD be glorified in their country. They are willing to travel to these mountain churches (sometimes taking 7 hours one way) to proclaim HIS name to the Brothers and Sisters up there.

I am looking for churches or individuals who are willing to partner with me to make this program possible, so that our Haitian Brothers and Sisters will receive the sound preaching and teaching they need to grow in HIM.

Please Pray for us as we continue to further HIS kingdom throughout the mountains of Haiti.

Lord Bless Tony


  • Full-time salary for a  Haitian pastor
  • Leadership training
  • Weekly bible study
  • Sunday school materials
  • Adult / Children’s Bibles
  • Songbooks, Benches, Proclaimer Audio Bible, Easter conference, Yearly revival, Christmas dinner, Showing of the Jesus film, & Transportation.

COST: $2,800.00 Yearly

If you would like to sponsor a pastor ONLY (not the church) : $1,600.00 Yearly