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Haiti – October 9, 2016

Haiti Update October 9, 2016

October 9, 2016

Hi Everyone

Well yesterday we went up to one of the mountain areas where we will be delivering food.

Usually with the Gator I am able to get up far enough that will shave off anywhere from 2 to 6 hours off a trip made by the mountain people to come and get food.

For instance I have some guys coming later this week to get food, it will take them 10 hours to come to town.

Before the hurricane hit I could load the Gator up with food and go meet them in the mountains, I would shave 5 hours off their trip. As you see from the picture took yesterday the roads are no longer there, in front of the Gator was a 3 ft deep ditch.

Now what do you do when you get a flat in the mountains and you don’t have a jack?  Easy just get some hard working Haitians to lift up the Gator so you can take the tire off.  You then call a motorcycle to come up and take the tire into town to get it fixed and then have the driver bring it back

Now what if while you are up there a storm comes and the trails become too muddy for a motorcycle to come all the way back up, easy just meet the motorcycle on the trail and carry the wheel and tire on your shoulder the rest of the way.

Emmanuel who you see in the picture and my friend Franz carried that tire for 2 hours on their shoulders.

When I tell you the Haitians are hard workers, I mean it.

Please keep Haiti in your Prayers Brothers and Sisters

Lord Bless


Haiti – October 7, 2016

Mornin Everyone

Well now that the hurricane is gone and things are now just settling back to abnormal.
When we were here during the earthquake I thought nothing could be more damaging but now it is becoming clear that this hurricane will probably exceed the earthquake in certain areas.

As you know my heart and ministry is with the mountain people that live above Grand Goave. When the earthquake hit they were not affected like the towns were. In town most of the construction is block and during the earthquake those building either collapsed or were heavily damaged.

The mountain people on the other hand live in tiny wooden houses with dirt floors, those building just shook and lost a few boards but did not collapse. The death toll in the mountains was very little compared to the towns, some lost their life from landslides but other things like their cattle and crops were untouched.

Now lets put in to play what just happened here and how the mountain people were affected by this hurricane.

Imagine going about your day in the mountains with the women cooking food while the men tend to their goats,cattle and gardens.
Because they have no radio or phone signal they had no idea what was coming towards them, most of them knew nothing of the hurricane coming. If they had know they would have moved there cattle, goats, chickens etc to lower ground, usually the nearest valley.

But on the evening the hurricane hit they went to bed as usual only to wake up to 145 mph winds. In my 9 years here I have never ever seen damage to the mountains like I have in the last couple of days.

The mountain people lost everything and I mean everything, their houses, churches,schools, cattle,goats,chickens and all their crops. You can imagine those winds hitting nothing more than a tiny drive shed they call home.

I was partners with Pastor Leonce( Enocs Dad) on a goat farm and every goat was killed and the building that held the goats was destroyed, nothing left.

Now I have only seen a tear in Leonces eye once before and that was when our Lord released the demons from his son John Baptist, but now he has lost everything. His school which is also the church that we help support lost most of it,s roof, we can repair that.
Their fruit trees are all laying on the ground, bean crops that were 1 month from harvest totally wiped out.

Hunger is going to be a huge problem in the next couple of weeks,with the crops gone there will be a shortage of food.
Not to mention they have lost all the income they would have received from selling their crops.

Yesterday I had 2 mountain guys come to my door, they live 7 hours up from my house, their story was the same they lost everything.

Today another friend of mine who lives 9 hours away called me and asked for help, same deal everything gone including 27 homes in his little village.

So now Brothers I will do what I can for these souls and Pray to our almighty God for a miracle to take place in their hearts.

What I love about helping these people is I always get to tell them “It isn,t Tony Jones helping you but God in Tony Jones that is helping you.

So for now I will be trying to get some food up to these guys, they told me most of the roads have been washed away. I sent a Haitian friend up there at 3 am this morning to check out the damage in the farther areas and to see how far up we can take the Gator.

I have a small amount of food left over from the container sent to me by Carl Nabein of Kids Against Hunger. I will distribute that out while Carl tries to find us another container of food.

Please keep these precious people in your Prayers.

In all of this let GOD get the glory
Lord Bless

Haiti Report – 2016

Haiti Tone


Haiti Report 2016

August 19, 2016

Hi Everyone

I would like to ask for yours and your congregations Prayers this Sunday while you are attending Church.
There is a situation I will now describe to you that may sound crazy but is just reality when fighting the devil in Haiti.

The picture below is of Enoc and his Dad Leonce, Enoc is the young man we are sending to Seminary in Port au Prince.
His Father Leonce is a 75 year old Pastor and one of the most Godly men I have met in Haiti.

The mountain community where they are living is where we restored the water and have started a feeding program.
It is also an area where the people are heavily involved in voodoo which is the reason Leonce planted his Church.

One of Enocs brothers John Baptist has been influenced by some of the witch doctors in the community.

About 2 months ago he was indwelt with a bad spirit while attending a voodoo ceremony, I know this sounds crazy.

2 weeks ago while attending his Fathers church the bad spirit entered him again causing a big commotion during the service.

Leonce and some other elderly leaders tried to contain John Baptist but he was just too strong, he bolted out of church and ran off.

Just this Wednesday Enoc was called by his Dad to please come up to the house as John Baptist was possessed again.
When Enoc arrived Thursday John had calmed down so he started to talk with him about Jesus.
As soon as the word Jesus was mentioned the demon entered John again, John grabbed Enoc and lifted him up over his head to throw him to the ground.

Enoc yelled “In the name of Jesus put me down” He said it twice and John put him down.
Then the demon started to talk with Enoc saying that the church will soon be a voodoo temple.

Enocs elderly Mom and Dad saw the commotion and came running out and all three of them began yelling to John ” In the name of Jesus we rebuke you” over and over.

The demon then made John climb up a very high Avocado tree, he went right to the top.
They were afraid he was going to fall so they called to him ” In the name of Jesus come down.
About 30 minutes later he came down and was very angry so Enoc,his Mom and Dad again continued to try to cast out the demon.

Now here is where it gets weird if it isn’t already

While they were trying to cast out the demons about 15 witch doctors appeared from other areas and began to sing voodoo songs.
As they were singing another 40 voodoo practitioners showed up and joined in the singing.

Then Enoc told me he saw another 30 plus people coming down the hill to join them.
The witch doctors and the other voodoo worshipers encircled Enoc and his family.

While they were all chanting and singing voodoo songs two men moved forward out of the circle and approached Enoc and his family.
They had cigars in their mouths and blew smoke in Enocs face, Enoc then knocked one of the cigars out from one of the mans mouth.

The two men then moved back and rejoined the circle while Enocs Mom became afraid started to cry.
Then John Baptist who was inside the circle with his family took off and went to a tomb where they hold voodoo ceremonies.

Enoc was yelling at the wackos telling them to repent and come to Jesus.
He saw his Mom crying so he broke through the crowd and went back to their house.

Now let me tell you, Enoc called me while the people were encircled around them asking for Prayer and I could hardly hear him for the chanting.

So now enough is enough, the gloves are off!!!!
This Sunday myself, Enoc and 2 other solid Brothers are going up to see John Baptist.
We are going to lay hands on him and see if we can cast the demon or demons out, they are generally a legion.
Now I have witnessed this a couple times here in Haiti but I have never participated in anything like this.
Brother and Sisters I am asking for your Prayers this Sunday as we proclaim the name of Jesus to John Baptist.
“Greater is he that is in me than in the world”.

I just hope Enocs Brother doesn’t try to bench press me.

Lord Bless